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Author FAQs


The Joseph Street Digest is a publication where each volume is dedicated to the works (see below for word limit) of a single author. 

What we are not is a compilation of many authors into a single large collection of short stories.

We also do not publish audio versions of the Volumes at this time. 

We do publish electronic and print versions of the authors work(s).


Sorry, but at this time we are unable to accept authors who are not U.S. Citizens. This may change in the future so please check back from time to time.


We charge a $20 Initial Non-Refundable Application Fee for all prospective authors upon completion and submission of our initial application.

This payment is processed through PayPal.

This fee does not guarantee that you will be accepted as an author for our Digest or that even if you are accepted that your works will end up being published. Nor does this fee create a binding contractual relationship between would be author applicant, AEM Services and Joseph Street Digest for publication services to be rendered.

Any sample work provided with the application will not be returned to the author, and does not constitute a contractual agreement for publication. The sample work is our staff to review your work during the initial application process and will not be featured in a Volume, unless the author becomes an accepted author and the work is re-submitted through our normal submission process and the work is not rejected through said process.

If you become an accepted author you will be given access to your electronic submission site, sent a contract and W9 to be filled out.


AEM Services and the Joseph Street Digest practices a royalty sharing program with authors. The following is the current royalty rates paid to authors.

Retail Sales sold through Amazon,
and similar selling channels

15% of Royalties Paid to AEM Services

Wholesale Sales sold by AEM Services to Reseller Markets

15% of Base Whole Sale Printing Costs

Free Copies & Promotions

Up to 10 free copies are available to the Author to direct ship to friends and family. No royalties will be given to the author for these copies.

15% of the would be rate based on how the promotion was done. For example, a Free Give-a-Way Promotion on Amazon the royalty rate to the author would be based on as if these were normal retail sales on Amazon.

Advertising Fee

A 2% advertising fee is deducted from all royalties paid to authors to help offset marketing and advertising costs.


We only accept original works of fiction. This includes, but not limited to, general fiction, science fiction, romance, horror, occult, fantasy, etc.

We do not accept fan fiction, or any similar kind of fiction.

We do not accept teen or YA fiction.

We do not publish graphic novels or fiction that relies heavily on graphics.

We do not publish poetry of any kind.

We do not publish essays or non-fiction.

We do not publish works where the subject(s) of the works involve current living or deceased persons, even if said subject has been morphed into a zombie, or made a superhero, or their name has been changed into an anagram.

We do not publish works which are just reworked pieces of some manifesto or propaganda with a clear attempt to malign, poke fun at, or otherwise defame some people, group, individual, religion and/or nation. Works of fiction with a moral message or lesson should be as clear cut as possible, and balanced.

Our editors are particular in certain genres and motifs, and we generally can work with most kinds of fictions with the major exception of grossly obscene sexual graphic content, or explicit horror details. In short, we do not publish what would be soft porn, hard porn, or graphically violent material.

All accepted works will be published within six months from acceptance. The contract provides for remedies for delays.

If your work is rejected, please do not hound us for a reason why. Due to production schedules and staffing we do not have the time respond to such emails or requests.


Must be no less than 17,000 and no more than 20,000 words. The Work may be comprised of multiple short stories where the word count aggregates to the limit stated above. Multiple works may be submitted over the lifetime of the contract.

The Work submitted must be in one of the following file forms: .doc, .docx, and .txt.

The Work should be in 12-point type, with at least one-inch margins, double spaced and sequentially numbered pages. The Author’s name, address, telephone number, and email address should be typed at the top of the first page. Authors are asked to include a brief biographical note with their submissions. 

Click Here for an example format.


Initial term is one year to continual one year renewals after that.

The author has granted within the terms of the contract the licensing rights to publish and sell the works of fiction provided, but the author still retains all legal copyrights to the work. This does not mean the author has the right to republish works given to us while under our contract terms.


AEM Services and Joseph Street Digest do not provide any full service editing. We will provide some basic copy editing and proofreading as needed to clean up the work for publishing. Works maybe rejected if they contain serious amounts of errors and issues. We suggest authors to use Grammarly or ProWritingAid to clean up most common errors. Works that require developmental or substantive editing, the author should seek the services of groups such as Reedsy prior to submission with us.

Author Internet Responsibilities

AEM Services and Joseph Street Digest does not assume any responsibility in providing authors with emails, Facebook pages, Twitter Accounts, or other similar social media, blogs, and Amazon Author Pages.

These various internet elements are the responsibility of the author. Although AEM Services and Joseph Street Digest may request the link information for these sites so as to allow our social media to link to the author's social media sites for cross marketing and consumer access.

Author Confidentiality

An author's personal information (name, address, email, phone, or secret identity) will not be shared with anyone outside our editorial staff, except in the following situations:

if we are compelled by law
if threats are made against our staff
if the author has instructed us to do so


AEM Services and Joseph Street Digest does not guarantee or provide any warranty that an author's work will be a success in any capacity.

The world of book publishing has changed dramatically over the years as new forms of entertainment media has developed dividing up people's attention. The statistical odds of selling any quantity of books for most new authors are the equivalent of playing the ponies at the race track or playing the one arm bandit at a casino. The odds of becoming that big selling author are the same as winning all five numbers plus the Powerball in the Powerball lotto. Your odds of doing both are far greater if you go with one of the big publishing houses, but first you got to get your foot in the door. The big publishing houses use marketing tactics similar to what happens in a grocery store where they buy premium shelving space in a store. It also custom in the business that Bestsellers are discounted by retailers as loss leaders further ensuring that Bestsellers are sold. Even Amazon will push Bestsellers over all other books to keep up sales.

As you can tell things are pretty much stacked against you, and as the market continues to be parceled out to other forms of media the big boys in publishing and retail will continue shrink the pool of published authors to the top sellers to keep up revenues.

So, while we may give you a chance as an author, you have been warned that nothing in this market is an absolute win despite what you hear and see. We don't control what people want from fiction or what gets picked up through the distribution channels. So don't expect the streets to be paved with gold as the saying goes.